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December 18, 2008

Videos you need to watch right now!

Filed under: Music — rmangum @ 7:55 am

1. “Green Onions” by Booker T. & the MG’s, from the mid-60’s show Shindig. Can you be campy and hypnotic at the same time? Hells freakin’ yeah you can! I keep wondering when go-go dancers are coming back in style. I’m tired of watching all these fey and cloying indie bands and passive-aggressive emo idiots give lame performances on late-night talk shows. Give us some sexy chicks with swinging hips already!

2.”I Can’t Quit You Baby” by Otis Rush. Can your style be like totally cosmic yet stone cold cool? Yup. Check out that completely white audience, seated and politely clapping at the end, like, “Hmm, you know the proletariat can marvelously expressive wailings, but I wish he’d sing more about being downtrodden.” Jesus George Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel, you’ve got a damn snake charmer up there! People should be climbing out of their wheelchairs and casting devils out of themselves! This clip was used in the hotel scene in “The Devil’s Rejects”, and you can see why.

3. “Caravan” by The Ventures. Not a great video, with the band goofing it up, seeing the sights and being gawked at by their Japanese fans, but what a great bloody ripping performance of the Duke Ellington classic from one of the all time great live bands (as most professionals are). Along with go-go dancers, rock instrumental music needs to come back into style. Get ahold of the Live in Japan ’66 album- it’s a keeper.


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