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December 26, 2008

Obscure, Dead Economist Named Person of the Year in Time Magazine

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Well, okay, nominated, but still, I’d never thought I’d see Ludwig von Mises even mentioned in what is probably the worst (especially when it comes to the economy) of the national magazines. They asked four “prominent” people for nominations: Ann Coulter (eww!), Ron Paul (yay!), Dana Torres (U.S. Olympic swimmer, guess Michael Phelps was busy), and Muhammad Yunus (the microcredit guy). Ceaselessly stumping for liberty, Paul said:

Amid a horrific financial crisis, all we hear are calls for more of the money-printing, spending and subsidies that created this mess. So I choose my great teacher, Ludwig von Mises, champion of the Austrian school of economics, who taught us how a central bank like the Fed causes booms and busts and how to build prosperity through sound money and economic freedom.

The other nominees: Sarah Palin (Coulter), Oprah Winfrey (Torres), and Barack Obama (Yunus).

My nominee: Ron Paul.


Glorious Ludwig Von


Dr. No


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