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January 21, 2009

The Evil and Stuipid Party vs. the Party That isn’t Quite as Stupid and Evil

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I’d hate for anybody to think from my last post that I was either conservative or a Republican partisan, so let me go on record by saying that I have some hope for things to get better with Obama, however much that hope is attenuated by skepticism, and that I regard the Democrats as the lesser evil (though not lesser enough to make me join their cheer section). For example, the recent bill supporting Israel’s bombing of Gaza was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. Only four Democrats in the House voted against (including Dennis Kucinich) but that’s better than the mere one Republican rejected the proposal. Can you guess who? That’s right, our man Ron Paul.

And if I end up bashing the liberals a lot more on this blog, it’s only because I don’t like easy game. Take this asshole, for instance, who wants fresh young conscripts to send to Pakistan, of all places. As you watch the video of this fat, pasty bag of crap pimp his new book, which bears the John Wayne-esque title American Grit, you have to wonder what kind of childhood playground demons he is exorcising by playing the tough-guy pundit. I’m sick to death of these “clash of civilizations” fantasists, who really ought to do what every other unathletic adolescent nerd does to feel powerful and play Tom Clancy videogames. “What happens if Pakistan goes Jihad-y?” he asks. I don’t know, maybe you could pick up your gun and leap into the fray like the Duke would, you useless bastard. As for me, I’m hoping America goes Jihad-y against its corpulent gasbag ruling class. That would be a clash of civilizations I’d sign up for. (By the way, do you notice how revolutionary and resistence movements never need to conscript anybody? You think that says anything about the justice of their cause?)


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