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January 24, 2009

Marx: Three Libertarian Assessments

At least he wasn't a Keynesian.

At least he wasn't a Keynesian.

Anarchism knew in him its bitterest enemy, and yet every Anarchist must hold his memory in respect. Strangely mingled feelings of admiration and abhorrence are simultaneously inspired in us by contemplation of this great man’s career. Toward the two fundamental principles of the revolution of to-day he occupied an exactly contradictory attitude. Intense as was his love of equality, no less so was his hatred of liberty. The former found expression in one of the most masterly expositions of the infamous nature and office of capital ever put into print; the latter in a sweeping scheme of State supremacy and absorption, involving a practical annihilation of the individual. The enormous service done by the one was well-nigh neutralized by the injurious effects resulting from his advocacy of the other. . . . He was an honest man, a strong man, a humanitarian, and the promulgator of much vitally important truth, but on the most vital question of politics and economy he was persistently and irretrievably mistaken.

-Benjamin Tucker, “Karl Marx as Friend and Foe”, Liberty, April 14, 1883.

. . . the theses that constitute the hard core of the Marxist theory of history . . . are essentially correct. . . . these true theses are derived in Marxism from a false starting point.

– Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis”, The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Fall 1990

There is one good thing about Marx: he was not a Keynesian.

-Murray N. Rothbard, Austrian Economics Newsletter 1990 Interview

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