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May 15, 2009

Stating the Obvious/Obviating the State

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In an essay on American exceptionalism and the undercurrent of anarchism in American political tradition, Seymour Martin Lipset writes about the Libertarian party:

They seek to weaken the state; they want no state regulation. They want competitive free capitalism on the level of competitive small business. They ignore, of course, the whole problem of what to do about General Motors and AT&T, and so on.

They do? Well, perhaps from the Vulgar Libertarian perspective AT&T and General Motors are not a problem. But perhaps eliminating state regulation is what to do about General Motors and AT&T and so on? And perhaps Lipset is so trapped in the dominant (Vulgar Liberal) paradigm of how monopoly comes about that he simply assumed that nobody has thought of this supposed deep stumbling-block to anti-statism?

Again, thanks for the link Keith.


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