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July 19, 2009

A Song for Sunday #21

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I must apologize for being negligent on the Sunday posts as of late. I’ve been in the middle of a big move and have been working more hours (not to mention some extracurricular activities on the weekend I need not divulge here). Anyway, to make up for it I’ve decided to put up a fourteen minute and forty second composition by guitarist Nels Cline, actually a rather short suite for guitar from his 2001 album Destroy All Nels Cline called As in Life. There are five sections: 1) “Carlion Call”, the trumpet-like opener (yes, it’s “Carlion” and not “Clarion”, for some reason), 2) “Prenatal”, a section of atmospheric sound, 3) “Sidewalk University”, a soft jazz guitar ballad, 4) “Can’t”, a Sonic Youth-style rave-up, and 5) a recapitulation of the opening section.


Cline is one of the finest musicians around, and perhaps the only innovative guitarist in Jazz/Rock fusion since Sonny Sharrock and John McLaughlin, who welds undeniable chops to an indie aesthetic sensibility. These qualities got him drafted as a guitarist for the band Wilco, who he’s been working with for several years now while still pursuing great solo work. Oh, and by the way, if you are at all interested in Free Jazz, do yourself a big favor and seek out his 1999 album with drummer Gregg Bendian Interstellar Space Revisited: the Music of John Coltrane. It will blow your fucking mind.

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