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September 28, 2009

5 Podcast Recommendations

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Podcasts are taking over my life. This is what I have instead of t.v. Here are the most interesting cultural and philosophical podcasts I’ve been into lately

1. Barely Literate– A book club hosted by Colin Marshall. Tends toward sci-fi (Snow Crash, The Man in the High Castle) and the fantastical (American Gods, the Master and Margarita).

2. The Marketplace of Ideas– Excellent cultural show, with guests from across the political spectrum (neocon critic Roger Kimball and former SDS member Cathy Wilkerson), also by Colin Marshall.

3. Entitled Opinions– Literary explorations with a Stanford professor. Great 3-part series on Dante’s Divine Comedy.

4. Philosophy Bites– Short (around 15 minutes) episodes dealing with classic and contemporary issues in philosophy.

5. History of Jazz– That’s its iTunes name, but the show is broadcast on the radio as “Jazz Insights”. I point this out because the former is a misnomer. You don’t get a chronological perspective, but rather series which profile certain Jazz figures, instruments, scenes, and styles. By a music professor and trumpeter. Wonderful.

And a bonus one for College Football fans: College Football Guys. Audio quality is not so good, but this is the most entertaining college football podcast around (why in the world did ESPN thing Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook had good podcast voices?). Also a blog.


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