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May 16, 2010

A Song for Sunday #45

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By my count I’ve missed five weeks of ASfS, and I’m ruminating over a number of ideas to make it up. I could do different versions of a single song for a few weeks (I’ve got a zillion versions each of “Summertime” and “Caravan”, or I could take one week and use it to highlight a particular artist by posting a bunch of their songs (I’ve been wanting to write about the Minutemen and Sonny Sharrock for a while). Either way seems like too big a project for today (got to ease myself back into the blogging routine, you know), so here’s the song I’ve been listening to most lately:

Fearless by Pink Floyd, from the underrated 1971 album Meddle, is a unique song within the Floyd’s oeuvre, presenting an attitude of youthful optimism, fitting for being chronologically placed  after the manic child’s-play of the Syd Barrett-led Piper at the Gates of Dawn and the elegiac Barrett tribute Wish You Were Here (to say nothing of The Wall, a paranoid and alienated expression of the Roger Waters-dominated period). With their psychedelic soundscapes and compositions of epic length Pink Floyd is often thought of as hippie music, or as pretensious art rock, which is why Johnny Rotten used to wear an “I hate Pink Floyd” t-shirt. But that’s a narrow-minded view. “Fearless” could fit right into an indie-rock set by your local college-radio DJ, and the it’s been appropriately covered by both Phish and Low. The chanting you hear in the background is fans of the Liverpool Football Club singing their anthem, Rogers and Hammerstein’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” so we’ve got hippies sampling jocks singing a show tune.


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